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HIya guys going to be posting some art of a new loli oc I came up with here is a description of her life it is a tad bit dark set in a really dark world so be warned. 

Emily Grimthorn was born into a modest family that lived on the outskirts of a small town not really well known to most people she was 5 years old, her father was a preacher at a church in town while he mother was just a modest house wife there lives were peaceful until one day.  The town that they had lived nearby had been set on fire and demonic creatures had swarmed it and had laid seige to the town killing most men, women and children. They had gotten to there home when Emily was asleep but she woke up to the sounds of screaming and her house being on fire, she had rush to her parents room to see her fathers dead corpse and a demonic being holding her mother completely naked against a wall. Her mother screamed for her to run before they demon started to laugh Emily ran for her life hearing that demons laughter and her mothers screams into the night. While she was running another demon had spotted her and gave chase until he caught her halfway into a forest, the monster had tentacles on him (YOU can guess where this is going :P) and began to molest not rape her yet making her cry, the demon had begun to tell her how he would use her body for his pleasures before his head was sliced from his body making blood spill onto her. When she looked up there stood a man with black and red wings on his back clad in what looked like black aromer not sceen in this day and time before she could ask anything he said, "SLEEP" 

When she had woken up once again it was to the sight of of a camp surrounded with paladins and survivors from the city the man with black and red wings was no where to be found, she had begun to seek out her mother to see if she had survived running towards the direction of her home. When she got there she would only fall to her knees on a tree impaled with different weapons was her mother still holding her fathers cross. She didn't know how long she sat there or how many tears feel down her face until a hand landed on her solder making her look up. The Being from before stared down at her with glowing red eyes before looking back at the mothers corpse, he stared at it for a couple of seconds before coming over and removing the cross from the dead woman hands and closing her eyes. When he walked back over to the little girl he knelled down taking of his helmet to revel blazing red eyes before handing her the cross. "My name is Cain come child I see in your eyes a unseen rage for those demonic beings, follow me I shall teach you how to fend for yourself and hunt them down. EMily stared at him with empty eyes before a spark ignited in her and with a determined expression on her face she got up and began to follow Cain. 

Five years later she was well known as the loli in black or black dust angel, Cain had shaped her into a killer of demons and left her a year earlier she had learned on the streets an easy way to make money at a illegal strip club in the city she had learned how to dance and everything from the strip club and gathered info on demons there still searching for the one demon that had killed her mother.


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Im just the guy that loves art, like the rest of you lot. :) all though I do write stories and draw for a bit :)

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SO! much about it?

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Aegis-the-hero Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I liked the styld you drew them in well done
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The artist in the description is the person who done it.


Why doesn't anyone read it anymore.


Amazing style yep, she's quite good.

LongSean22 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015

Thanks for faving my cute little "Tukson attacked by RWBYlings" pic!

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